Want to join a club?

Please contact rebecca.carsience@gmail.com if you have any questions or issues with the clubs listed below.


Contact: Jared McGill – afro.caribbeanclubtwu@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Contact Jared McGill for meeting information
To Spread Culture Awareness about Africa and the Caribbean. This benefits Trinity Western Community because it allows Trinity Western, to connect and understand Africa and the Caribbean cultures through their norms such as food, music and many other things.
Social Media:
Instagram Page: @twuacc
Facebook Page: TWU Afro-Caribbean Club


Contact: Tabitha Wellsandt – tabitha.wellsandt@mytwu.ca
Typically Meets: Wednesdays 7pm in Art Studio (RNT 128)
The goal of our club is to provide a space for community within the art students as well as students in other majors by facilitating an open studio night once a week.
Social Media:
Facebook Group: TWU Art Club


Contact: Joshua Pettigrew – joshua.s.pettigrew@hotmail.com
Typically Meets: Mondays 7pm, 5thfloor Jacobson Study Room
The purpose of the club is to educate students on what it means to have a Biblical Worldview. Our goal is to promote Biblically rooted values into students on and off campus. It will benefit the TWU community by teaching them Biblical values and truths.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Biblical Worldview Club
Facebook Group: TWU Biblical Worldview Club


Contact: Sierra Legroulx – sierra.legroulx@hotmail.ca
Events: Stay tuned to social media for events
The TWU biology club’s aim is to give the TWU science community a sense of belonging and connection. The biology club focuses on creating social connections between all students by creating events and spaces for members to attend and intermingle. We are not only focused on connecting students, but also focused on connecting faculty with students. Furthermore, we focus on connecting with the outer community and providing ways, such as the blood drive, for TWU students to serve and connect with their community.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Biology Club
Instagram Page: @twubiologyclub


Julia Burgess – Julia.Burgess@mytwu.ca
Jeremy Harder – jeremy_harder@hotmail.com
Typically Meets: Contact Julia or Jeremy for more information on meetings and stay tuned to Chemistry Club social media for events.
The aim of the Chemistry Club is to foster the interest of students in chemistry, and to encourage an understanding of the significance, applications, and fulfillment that comes from studying chemistry. Emphasis is also placed on the discovery and pursuit of career opportunities open to chemistry students, as well as the promotion of current and future student research in the department. The Chemistry Club is also intended to stimulate community growth both on and off campus by coordinating events that focus on the natural sciences and are inclusive of other disciplines.
Social Media:
Facebook Group: Chemistry Club – Group within TWU
Instagram Page: @twuchemistryclub 


Contact: Heather Twele – heatherflower13@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Every Thursday Evening, in the English Department Lounge, RNT
Subject to changes—email Heather to confirm time and location
The purpose of the English Student Society is to provide students with events that encourage students of all majors to participate in the literary environment at TWU. The ESS will also provide opportunities to meet the English professors, and a few events will be oriented around providing practical knowledge for students graduating with an English/Humanities BA. The ESS has an academic and professional purpose, and we want to develop a greater appreciation for literature in a relaxed environment not just within the English student population but also in other disciplines within the student population.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: English Student Society


Contact: Nathan Yeung – nathan.j.yeung@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Contact Nathan for meeting information.
Generation Screwed is a nation-wide student organization with chapters in over 25 universities and campuses across Canada. The purpose of this club is to bring awareness of Canada’s debt and financial mismanagement to the people at TWU who will be stuck with the older generation’s bills. Our generation is essentially “screwed” with this heavy bill. We want to inform people at TWU of these financial issues so that they may eventually take political action that will address the national debt and government waste.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Generation Screwed: TWU


Contact: Allistair Duncan – allistair.duncan@mytwu.ca
Typically Meets: Contact Allistair for meeting information.
Mission – To assist in building professional capacity in HRM by:
1. Assisting one another in better understanding the basics of HRM and preparing them for the NKE (National Knowledge Exam)
2.Creating networks with TWU Alumni and others who are HR professionals
3. Connecting students with CPHR BC
4. Providing opportunities for our students to become recognized as future HR professionals.
Social Media:
Instagram: @twu_hrsa


Contact: Jordynn Bob – jordynn.bob@mytwu.ca
Typically Meets: Mondays 7pm, contact Jordynn or FB page for location.
The purpose of the TWU Indigenous club is to be a place where Indigenous students have a place to gather. A space to meet on campus, a home to be able to grow and share a community of traditions & heritage. It is also a safe space to be able to better & further inform anyone who wants to join about the culture & history of the Indigenous people of Canada.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Indigenous Club
Instagram Page: @twu_indigenous_club


Contact: Stephanie Merino – latinamericancultureclub@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Every other Friday 6-8pm, Global Lounge (Upper Douglas Center)
The goal of this club is to create cultural awareness through sharing Latin-American with students at Trinity, and as a bonus, help them practice their Spanish or just learn some phrases.
Social Media:
Instagram Page: @twulatinoclub


Contact: Chrisaleen Ciro – logos.twu@gmail.com
Submission Deadline: 5th of each month
Logos will provide Trinity Western students with the opportunity to participate in a simplified version of the peer review process (called peer-editing). We aspire to create content that will accurately reflect TWU’s culture of academic rigour and social engagement. Further, through our spiritually informed editing process, students will be provided with the opportunity to explore how academic “ways of knowing” can foster worship.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Logos Journal
Instagram: @logostwu
Website: logostwu.com


Contact: Jaco Burger – therealjacoburger@gmail.com
Events: Stay tuned to Facebook for future events
To bring like-minded individuals in Maths, Engineering, and Computing sciences together so they can share ideas and flourish through events both in the club and out.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Met Club TWU
Twitter: @twucompsci


Contact: Colin Jamieson – secondsuitein1812@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Thursdays 11am, Music Building Lounge
Trinity Western’s Music Guild is a long-standing club that has been at the forefront of organizing events on behalf of our department. Our events range from music-related activities, such as performance, to more social events such as our movie and games night which is open to the entire Trinity Western community. Our goal is to promote the arts through inclusion of our community and create a safe space where diversity can flourish.
Social Media:
Check out the Facebook Group: SAMC Current Music Students


Contact: Dalen Ewald – dalen.ewald@twu.ca
Typically Meets: Tuesdays 7pm, North West Building 107
The purpose of our club is to provide aid, peership, and mentoring among Trinity students who are interested in law. We will do this by sharing our knowledge and learning from other members and guests that we have speak to us. We will also support one another along the laborious and uncertain journey towards law school.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Pre-Law Society


Contact: Heather Twele – spaces.literaryjournal@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Every Thursday 11am, Lynn Szabo Room 2ndfloor RNT
Trinity Western University’s literary journal [spaces] provides TWU students, staff, and alumni with a space to engage in the literary and visual arts and gain experience in the publishing industry. Social Media:
Facebook Page: [spaces] Literary Journal
Instagram Page: @spaces.literaryjournal


Contact: Glen Johnston – glenjohnston21@gmail.com
Events: Stay tuned to SBA social media for events
(1) Preparing students for life “outside” through career-preparation initiatives
(2) Providing relevant services to business students to supplement classroom education
(3) Developing the business community at Trinity Western, including the student body, alumni, and professors, through various social opportunities.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Student Business Association
Instagram Page: @twu.sba


Sarah Lee – sarahsungahlee@gmail.com
Typically Meets:Thursays 4:30-5:30pm, contact Sarah for location
Our mission of TKC (Trinity Korean Club) Manna is to bring the Korean community together on campus to create an environment where Korean students can feel comfortable in TWU, be challenged and grow altogether. The goal of TKC Manna is to be the initial safe space and the bridge for the Korean students in TWU to reach out to the rest of the school community.
Social Media:
Kakaotalk: Sarah Lee – sarahlee257


Contact: Matthew Richards – Matthew.Richards@mytwu.ca
Typically Meets: Every other Wednesdays 11am, Business Conference Room 2ndfloor North West Building
TAA is devoted to improving and enriching its students and participants throughout the academic year by providing the CPA educational networking opportunities both on and off campus. TAA has continued to develop and invest time into expanding and increasing the association’s participation rates and overall exposure to networking events in Vancouver and Lower Mainland.
Social Media:
Facebook Group: Trinity Accounting Association


Contact: Niki Carnahan – carnahanniki@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Contact Niki for meeting information
Trinity Entrepreneur Association aims to provide students and alumni with a space to connect, to inspire, and to be inspired; we aim to facilitate a community where ideas can grow and develop through the web of an entrepreneurial student body. Trinity Entrepreneur Association strives to foster Godly Business leaders as well as provide a network of resources for students to create successful ventures.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Trinity Entrepreneurs Club


Contact:Delia Anderson – delia.anderson@mytwu.ca
Typically Meets: Mondays 6:30 – 7:00pm, Contact Delia for location
Our goal is to help students connect to environmental issues that exist in the world around us as well as work to improve the environmental consciousness of Trinity Western campus.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Trinity Western Environmental Club
Instagram Page: twec_2018


Contact: Brett Wilson – wbrett40@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Last Thursday of the month, Lynn Szabo Meeting Room (2ndfloor RNT)

Our mission as the Conservative Club on Campus is to bring forward discussion and insight into TWU about the world of Canadian Federal Politics. This is also a way to engage youth and get them active into the Canadian government and politics. As well as how a Christian can find their role in Canadian Politics and Government.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: TWU Conservatives


Contact: Paul McComber – paul.mccomber@gmail.com
Typically Meets: Contact Paul for meeting information.
The TWU Young Greens Illuminating the intersections between Green philosophy and Christian theology. Equipping student association members with the tools they need to be leaders in their field.Encouraging open, respectful, solution-based dialogue, especially between those of differing opinions. Rendering politics more accessible to the average student association member. Representing the student association membership of Trinity Western University in all applicable municipal, provincial, federal, and international Green organisations.
Social Media:
Facebook Group: TWU Young Greens Club


Contact: Kaitlyn Fehr – upsi.trinity@yahoo.com
Typically Meets:Thursdays at 11am, contact Kaitlyn for location
Our goal and mission is to better connect the students and faculty within the Social Sciences department, as well as expose students to educational opportunities.
Social Media:
Facebook Page: Undergraduate Psychology Student Initiative (UPSI)
Instagram: @upsi.twu