Club Funding Request: Requesting funds either for a start-up grant or an event

Club Ratification: For starting up a club that has not yet existed on campus, or renewing a club that has previously existed

Club Terms and Conditions: Outlines the laws that govern how TWUSA can fund clubs

Club Constitution: Template for a club constitution. This must be filled out when a new club is formed

Club Annual Report: Clubs fill out one of these at the end of the school year

Proposal Guidelines: A step by step process on the proper and easy way of submitting a proposal

Student Proposal: Allows access to the Proposal Budget for a student implemented idea, event, or service

Elected Position Application

Appointed Position Application

Student Media Application

Disbursement Request: To be submitted to the Vice President of Finance if you require a disbursement

Mileage Reimbursement: To be submitted to the Vice President of Finance if you need to be refunded for car fuel