Proposed Bylaw Changes – Concerning the removal of the EDIR position, merging it with the VPSR, and moving the DCOMM into the events team.

Student Fee Increase – Concerning the elimination of different fees for Part-time and Full-time students, as well as an overall increase.

Proposed Bylaw Section V. Removal – Concerning the elimination of the Job Descriptions from the Bylaws in order to add them to the Policy Manual.

Proposed DIR ChangesConcerning the removal of the Executive Director of Internal Relations to replace with the Director of Internal Relations under the supervision of the Vice President of Student Relations. 

Proposed Student Media Percentages Concerning the percentage allocations of funds towards Mars Hill Newspaper and Pillar Yearbook.

Proposed Bylaw ChangesConcerning the small changes within the 2016-2017 Bylaws.

Proposed Financial ProceduresConcerning the TWUSA Financial Procedures including cheque signing, monthly meetings, safe administration, etc. 

Proposed Leadership Grant AmendmentConcerning an amendment to TWUSA leadership grants and when they are sent out.