The official student publications of Trinity Western University currently include the Mars’ Hill newspaper and Pillar Yearbook. The mission of student publications and media is to depict, inform, and creatively portray the distinct TWU experience including coverage of various events, issues, and highlights of the current academic year. TWUSA media operates in accordance with the University’s Mission Statement, Statement of Faith, and Core Values.


Editor-in-Chief: Niki Mara
Managing Editor: Sabine Henderson
Visual Editor: Janae Gartly
News Editor: Ishita Wilson
Academy Editor: Kelsey Morris
Arts & Culture: Kennedy Dragt
Sports Editor: Bailey Broadbent
Humour Editor: Nyssa Morgan
Chief Copy Editor: Hannah Fletcher
Layout Editor: Manfred Dewsbury
Illustrator: Sierra Ellis
Photo Editor: Hannah DeVries
Web Editor:
Social Media Manager: Hazal Senkoyuncu
Staff Writer: Emma Dykstra
Advertising & Finance Manager: Richard Enns


Editor-in-Chief: Tori A
Managing Editor: Kenzie Morgan
Visual Editor: Brendan Dixon
Managing Photographer: Jay Lutz

Photographers: Elizabeth Babij, Nathan Froelich, Kayla Bock, Myra Altwasser, Megan Doell, Hannah DeVries