The mission of the Trinity Western University Student Association is to promote a maturing and active commitment to Jesus Christ among its members; challenging one another spiritually, socially, and intellectually; providing individuals opportunities for involvement, positively impacting the life of the University and the community at large.


  • Free Printing
  • Free Coffee / Tea
  • Free Rentals (Bikes, Projector, Speakers, Banana Costume)
  • Bookable Office for your Meetings
  • Advocacy and Leadership
  • The Pillar Yearbook
  • The Mars Hill Newspaper
  • Financial Assistance for your event
  • Creative and Media assistance
  • Another Free Coffee / Tea
  • and a smiling team yearning to serve


Facebook, the ever constant distraction, just so happens to be one of the more efficient methods of mass communication. We want you to be in the loop with what is going on at TWU. Whether it be news about the Student Association’s upcoming events or new services that we offer, our hope is that by liking our Facebook page, we may make your journey¬†just a tad bit easier.

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Your parents or grandparents are probably becoming a little worried since all they have seen on Facebook are photos of you running around with Bananas and face-paint. Good. Show them more. The Pillar Yearbook team has compiled an amazing series of videos that encapsulate some of the more fun aspects of our community. Let’s show your family why you love this place.

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What an amazing app. We love it. The idea of quickly sharing a a story through imagery and video is core to how we love to approach social media. The high quality nature of Instagram with it’s abundance of nature photos, 15 second slo-mo videos, and casual selfies have won us over. We love Instagram and chances are you do too, so please support us with a follow.

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